Malegra Professional

Malegra Professional is cocktail from two component active components: salt of lemon sildenafil acid that, actually, also is Viagra, and the second, is dupoxetin. Unlike Malegra DXT, the tablet Malegra Professional together with Sildenafil contains 60 mgs Fluoxetin, also actively used for processing of the premature. Of one tablet Malegra FXT swallow in 30-40 minutes to sexual closeness that reminds Sialis's reception without depending on the accepted food. Sildenafil is accepted within 20-30 minutes, Fluoxetin within 30-40 minutes; however, the best effect will reach in 60 minutes after reception. Remember that Malegra Professional doesn't cause mounting and helps to reach only it or to support some time. For operation of preparation sexual excitation is necessary. Carefully it is necessary to be to the person from LP blood, on Malegra Professional reception together with other drugs, containing nitrates or alpha disablers; it loses working capacity even more. Shall remember that the tablets Malegra Professional don't cause mounting, and only help its service necessary time. That preparation started to work, sexual stimulation is required. Malegra Professional use together with other preparations can lead to lowering of piesis or can cause other ghost effects. Remember that aren't necessary to exceed a dose; it can lead only to solidifying of ghost effects.
Malegra Professional influences only natural mechanisms of a source of mounting and effective in case of sexual excitation. Preparation is absolutely safe in observance of all recommendations on application. Doesn't influence on sexual function, is on spermatozoa status, at level of a hormone and the general hormonal background. The good tolerance is well proved clinically. If now - already young and complete vital breathings, it is not necessary to hurry to think of powerlessness. To save Malegra Professional is in a place unavailable to children in indoor temperature from 15 to 30 degrees. Don't use medicine after the expiration of the term of suitability. An expiry date call on each package, use by date of 3 from the date of creation, and will differ from party to party depending on it when they were made. Fluoxetin strengthens effect of ethanol, Diazepamum, promotes concentration of energizers. Simultaneous reception of Malegra isn't recommended with preparations, repressive, containing lithium, Phenytoinum or tryptophane. Efficiency of Malegra Professional is confirmed with clinical tests in age group 84 from 18 to. High performance is well proved for patients, suffering capable to become straight dysfunction and premature of any nature and a weight level.